Open-Source (GPLv3)
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XMM is an open-source C++ library for continuous motion recognition and mapping. XMM is a portable, cross-platform C++ library that implements Gaussian Mixture Models and Hidden Markov Models for recognition and regression. The XMM library was developed for movement interaction in creative applications and implements an interactive machine learning workflow with fast training and continuous, real-time inference.

Myo for Max
Open-Source (MPL2)
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myo for Max is a max external for communication with the Myo armband. Compatibility: Mac OS X 10.8+, Max 6.1+, 64-bit only. It is based on the Myo c++ API by Thalmic Labs. This object should be compiled with Max SDK version 6 or greater.

Leapmotion for Max
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This is a Max external for Leap Motion Skeletal Tracking. The object is inspired by aka.leapmotion, developed by Masayuki Akamatsu, but was re-written for the new tracking API. The object has separate outlets for gestures, hands, fingers, and frame information. Most of the features of the SDK are dumped as prefixed messages in Max. The object was developed for research or experimental applications. Therefore, the object is in beta, and we do not guarantee any sustained development and support.

MuBu & PiPo
Proprietary (Ircam Forumnet)
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I contributed to the development of MuBu and PiPo, a libary of Max objects created in the {Sound Music Movement} Interaction team at ircam. I developed a max implementation of XMM that communicates with MuBu, as well as several PiPo signal processing modules.

Open-Source (MIT)
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A metalsmith plugin to load and render bibtex bibliographies.

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