Jules Françoise, PhD.
Postdoctoral Fellow @ movingstories Project.
  School of Interactive and Technology (SIAT),
  Simon Fraser University (SFU),
  Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Research Interests

I am a postdoctoral fellow at the School of Interactive Arts and Technologies (SIAT) at Simon Fraser University (SFU) in Vancouver.I am currently working on the movingstories project coordinated by Thecla Schiphorst. I hold a PhD in computer science from Université Pierre et Marie Curie, that I completed in the {Sound Music Movement} Interaction team at Ircam.

My research intersects machine learning and human-computer interaction for expressive movement analysis, performance, and interaction design. I am interested in developing a fundamental understanding of movement’s expressive and experiential qualities for computer-mediated interaction. I am taking a user-centered perspective on the use of machine learning as a design tool for crafting expressive and engaging interactions, that critically reconsider the role of technologies in human relationships with digital artifacts.


Research Experience & internships


> Postdoctoral Fellow

My current research focuses on movement signal processing, expressive movement modeling and recognition, and interaction design.

Movingstories Project
SIAT, SFU, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

JAN 2015 - SEP 2015

> Postdoctoral Researcher

SkAT-VG European Project: “Sketching Audio Technologies using Vocalizations and Gestures”
My contributions to the projected focused on movement analysis. I developed novel movement descriptors for oscillatory and rhythmic gestures based on the wavelet transform.

SkAT-VG European Project
Ircam, Paris, France.

OCT 2011 - MAR 2015

> PhD Thesis

Thesis : “Motion–Sound Mapping by Demonstration.”
Defended March 18, 2015.
EDITE grant for doctoral studies, Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC).

{Sound, Music, Movement} Interaction Team
Ircam, UPMC, Paris, France

DEC 2013

> Invited Researcher

I was invited to work on the MovingStories project, coordinated by Thecla Schiphorst, to work on computational modeling and sonification of Laban Effort Theory, in collaboration with Sarah Fdili Alaoui.

Movingstories Project
SIAT, SFU, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

FEB 2011 - JUL 2011

> Master’s thesis

Thesis: “Realtime segmentation and recognition of gesture using Hierarchical Markov models.”
Study and implementation of an extension of Markov models dedicated to gesture segmentation with applications to interactive music performance.

{Sound, Music, Movement} Interaction Team
Ircam, UPMC, Paris, France

MAR 2010 - JUL 2010

> Internship (Master 1)

Research Internship: development of a virtual synthesizer controlled by gesture and image processing, coupled with a 3D graphic synthesizer.

Rungis, France.

MAY 2009 - JUN 2009

> Internship (Licence)

Research internship: physical study of the violin bow: development of a non-invasive measure of the geometry of the bow stick by image analysis.

Université du Maine, Le Mans, France.

OCT 2011 - MAR 2015

> PhD Thesis

“Motion–Sound Mapping by Demonstration”. Defended March 18, 2015. EDITE grant for doctoral studies, Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC).

{Sound, Music, Movement} Interaction Team
Ircam, UPMC, Paris, France.

SEP 2010 - SEP 2011

> Master ATIAM

Master of research in Computer Science, Signal Processing and Acoustics applied to Music.

Ircam, UPMC, Paris, France.

SEP 2009 - SEP 2010

> Master 1 in acoustics

1st year of Master in Engineering, specialized in acoustics, with honors.

UPMC, Paris, France.

SEP 2008 - SEP 2009

> Licence of Physics

Bachelor’s degree specialized in physics, with honors.

Université Rennes 1, France.

SEP 2006 - SEP 2008

> Classe préparatoire (Physics-Chemistry)

2-year intensive program preparing for entry exams to top universities, with honors.

Lycée Chateaubriand, Rennes, France.


> Baccalauréat S (Physics-Chemistry)

French high-school diploma, highest honors.

Lycée felix le dantec, Lannion, France.
Awards & Grants


> ACM Multimedia 2013 Best Doctoral Symposium Award

Article : Gesture-Sound Mapping by Demonstration in Interactive Music Systems.

ACM Multimedia, Barcelona, Spain.


> EDITE grant for doctoral studies

UPMC, Paris, France.


> 2nd prize

Student project (Master 1 acoustics, UPMC, Paris) about the modal analysis of a glider model using experimental measurements and finite elements modeling.

BRUEL & KJAER University Challenge
Teaching & Supervision

2014 - 2015

> Master Student Supervision

Supervision of Master Students from the ATIAM Master

  • 2015: Hugo Scurto, Combination of gesture and vocalization in the imitation of sounds

  • 2015 : Stacy Hsueh, Online Unsupervised Segmentation of Gesture Data and Incremental Learning of Motion-Sound Mappings

  • 2014 : Pablo Arias, Description and Sound Synthesis in a Mapping-by-Demonstration Framework

UPMC—Ircam, Paris, France.

2011 - 2014

> Teaching Assistant

3 year as teaching assistant during my PhD doctorat

  • MOOC : “Recursive programming”

  • LI215 : Advanced programming in C

  • LI101 : Recursive programming in Scheme

  • LI102 : Imperative programming

  • LIM10 : Math practice and formal calculus

UPMC, Paris, France.


> Workshops

Teaching and support in workshops in sonic interaction design at Ircam:

  • Students from design schools ENSCI and ESBAM

  • HC2 Summer school (Human-Computer Confluence Summer School): Embodied Interaction and Sound: Workshops on Body and Object Sonic Interaction.

Ircam, Paris, France.
Organization & Reviewing

SINCE 2015

> Steering Committee Member

International Society on Movement and Computing

14-15 AUG 2015

> Co-organizer & Chair

2nd International Workshop on Movement and Computing
—Intersecting Art, Meaning, Cognition, Technology—

SFU, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

16-17 JUN 2014

> Co-organizer & Chair

1st International Workshop on Movement and Computing
—Intersecting Art, Meaning, Cognition, Technology—

Ircam, Paris, France.

16-17 JUN 2014

> Reviewer

IEEE Multimedia (2016), Reviewer.
MOCO(2014— 2016),Conference Chair ,Reviewer.
CHI(2013— 2016),Technical Papers,Work - in -progress.
TEI(2016),Technical Papers.
NIME(2014— 2016),Technical Papers.
SMC - ICMC(2014),Technical Papers.

Presentations & Seminars

MAR 2016

> Interactive Installation

Premiere of the “Still, Moving.” interactive installation and performance at One Art Space Gallery.

Scores+Traces Collective Exhibition
New York City, NY, USA.

MAY 25-30, 2015

> Keynote address

Moving stories may residency
Vancouver, BC, Canada.

MAR 2-3, 2015

> Seminar

2nd annual meeting of the ANR project Legos.

Ircam, Paris, France.

MAR 2-3, 2015

> Keynote address

2with Olivier Houix, Paola Palumbo, Giovanni Cospito & Painè Cuadrelli.

Design Week Festival DWF10
Milano, Italy.

AUG 2014

> Interactive Installations

Interactive installations presented at Emerging Technologies and Studio.

SIGGRAPH'14 Emerging Technologies & Studio
Vancouver, BC, Canada.

APR 1, 2014

> Oral Presentation

Workshop on Machine Learning, Expressive Movement, Interaction Design, Creative Applications.

AISB Symposium
Goldsmiths University, London, UK.

NOV 14, 2013

> Invited Seminar

EAVI Group
Goldsmiths University, London, UK.
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